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Our Paul,we miss you so, a year gone by,
No one can answer that question ..WHY?
Our hearts still ache with sadness
Our tears for you still fall,
Living our lives without you is the hardest part of all.

Love Mum, Dad and Brett.

I stood there scared in silence as my mate he said goodbye
And as the vicar spoke, I couldn't help but cry
Now I cherrish all my memories of Boocie, way back then
And keep this candle burning
Until we meet again


You will never be forgotten Boocie
Love from the lads

Our wonderful son Paul. So missed and so loved by everyone

mom & Dad

We think about you often, Son,
we talk about you too,
we have such precious memories,
but wish we still had you

Brett- Paul, my brother, my friend, my best mate - missing you

Kirstie: The world will be a lesser place without you

JohnBridge:" You'll never be forgotten Boocie! A great friend to all, who made everyone's life so much richer for knowing you."

Brett & Karen: you will stay in our hearts forever mate

Dock fc//Rumba fc lads:You will be in our team forever, rest in peace mate

Stan & June -Only known Paul for a short while but he won a place in our hearts.

Doreen & Brian - Paul, memories of all our happy times together will remain in our hearts forever

Si - Boosie, never gonna forget you mate, always in my thoughts

Chris and Rob-What a star! What a loss!

George Dunning-''I could never have made it through university without you mate, you were
always there when I needed you, and I will never forget the good times and


Nicki Smith and all of Pauls colleagues at Egg :
Paul, a great mate and colleague bringing fun and laughter and a great friendship. You will always be with us

Auntie Anne .. As I walk around the garden, Paul I often see you there,
A glint of sun upon a rose a raindrop in the air.
Your smile reflects in water,your laughter's all around,
Your courage and your bravery is in the trees and on the ground,
You touched our lives so briefly, a fleeting moment in our time,
But what wonderful memories to cherish you left with us behind.
Miss you Paul.

Steve Margo Chris & Amy...You will always be in our hearts and memories. We will never forget you Paul. xxx

Brian, Jean, Julie & Lynn.... Will never forget you, Paul, memories of a wonderful courageous person will always be in our hearts.God Bless You

Rita & John.. We are thinking of you today Paul,but still that isn't new
We thought about you yesterday and the day before that too,
We'll think about you tomorrow, and the days that follow through,
We'll think of you forever, until God calls us too.

All our

Gerri & Roy. Dear Paul,We knew you through your parents for many years, but only got to know you well during the last few months,

That was our loss. Even when you were very ill, you were an inspiration and an absolute pleasure to be with. You will always be remembered
Aida:Happy birthday boocie,,""I can feel a one deck comin on""(20 Aug)

Pazza: Boosie, Gone from our lives, but forever in our hearts .

Chloe Woods
"I remember thinking we would always be together, no matter where we were, but I was wrong and I lost you. There was always the chance though, that I would bump into you at work or in a bar. Now I've lost you for a second time, but I'm looking forward to when we bump into each other again. In my heart always xx"

Louise Lockley
Paul, the admiration and respect that I have for you today is indescribable. I promise I will live life to the full for both of us, as you are often in my thoughts. We should've beaten it together!
Thanks for being my Chemo Buddy, like Kulmeet said, you were our hero!
Love always


I went to Halesowen College and Bournville Art College with Paul.
He was a great friend,
He was forever smiling!
I'll always remember him

nicki smith

It's took me some time to pluck up the courage to write something, but courage was the one thing you always had.
You're an inspiration.
Not a day goes by without you in my thoughts, its a pleasure and an honour to say I knew you.
God bless, and maybe one day we can do it all again.


You're always in my thoughts, Paul and forever in my heart. I wish I could give you a big hug. Missing you.xx


The most fitting tribute I can post is that you were the nicest person I ever met. I am just thankful I had the opportunity to be your friend.
Thanks for bringing laughter to my life - I have very fond memories of the time we spent together in our teens


Paul - we never met - but many years ago I worked with your Dad. When you were born I recall how thrilled he and your Mom were. Remembering this I know how much they will always miss you

mick dockerty

Paul was one of life's genuine nice guys. I remember him giving lifts back from Halesowen college in his little red mini like it was yesterday.
One big regret that I have is that I lost touch over the years with such a good mate.

Sleep soundly mate,


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