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The Paul Ackrill Fund.
Registered Charity No 1090118

Paul's charity is going from strength to strength.

since it was started in January 2002 up to December 2014 the charity has paid out over £156,000 in funding to young people under the age of 30 diagnosed with cancer.

In addition to providing funding for private scans and treatment that these young people have to wait months for under the NHS, we are also funding patients to relieve financial stress. This is granted not for luxuries but to help with travelling costs, phone bills and normal household bills that build up when a young person is in hospital for any length of time. In most cases the patient or the parents of the patient have to give up jobs, which results in loss of earnings. In such circumstances the charity gives out up to £500 per patient, per year. Patients have to be referred to the charity by a social worker or health

The charity receives a regular monthly income from "Give as you earn" scheme, through Natwest Bank, and we are extremely grateful to all those participants.

All other monies are raised by quizzes, walks, car boots and all the other wonderful people who give us donations.

Thanks once again to all our wonderfull supporters