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Paul was born on 20th August 1976, in Wordsley hospital Stourbridge.

We lived in Bittern Walk, so when Paul started school he went to Peters Hill school .He enjoyed school especially art and there he first met his friends Matt and Parg.

Later he went to Thorns school, again with Matt & Parg, passed 8 GCSE's and an AS level in art. On leaving Thorns, with the idea of going to university eventually, he decided to go to Halesowen College to study A levels, once again with Matt & Parg. While he was there he met Chloe, his first girlfriend , and they were together for over two years. After two years at Halesowen, Paul, Chloe, Matt & Parg all elected to do an art foundation at Bournville College for 1 year, here Paul met another good friend, George, having passed all his exams, and having had a good time, Paul was accepted by University of Central England Gosta Green to take a BA Hons Industrial Design degree, the friends split here and only George was left with Paul on this course.
Paul enjoyed university, found he had to work harder than he expected, but he loved the design, and three years later left university very pleased with a 2.1 degree.

During the years at college and university, Paul had always worked weekends in sports shops in Merry Hill. Paul now wanted a full time job, applied for several in design, but while waiting for the right job to come along, applied to Egg on the Waterfront. The company had been recently launched. Paul loved the people he worked with at Egg, although the job was not what he wanted.

After one year working at Egg he sent a cv to a company called Trimtech, which designs parts for cars. He was overjoyed when they offered him a job and though it did involve travelling to Coventry every day that was no problem. It was Paul's ideal job. He loved the work designing parts for cars and they in turn were very pleased with him.
Towards the end of 1999, after being with the new company for only three months, Paul had some pain in his right shoulder. At first this was thou
ght to be a sports injury as he was playing football often
Paul had a firm circle of friends, mostly to do with the football team, and was out most nights with the gang.
Matt, Paresh, Aida, Si, Nick and Geoff. Paul's brother Brett had also caught up in age and had joined the gang along with his mates Birch and Grant.

After a bad start to the Millenium as Paul's Nan died, things got worse when Paul was shaking hands with one of the bosses at Jaguar and fractured his arm. After a lot of tests this turned out to be a bone cancer - shocking news - but Paul remained positive that his life could return to normal and he could rid his body of cancer.

Paul underwent months of chemotherapy, and spent over 100 nights in QE hospital that year, but in the July the tumour was not reducing, and the decision to amputate his right arm and shoulder was made. Paul once again coped with this wonderfully, and was soon back on track determined to do everything with his left hand and get back to work

Christmas 2000 was good, chemotherapy finished and a clear scan. Paul enjoyed himself with the lads, Parg was once again on the scene, and they had a good few drinks and laughs!!!

At the start of 2001 Paul was planning his return to work already. He took delivery of a brand new VW Golf car, adapted to driving with one arm in 5 minutes , and drove off up the road, thrilled that he was back on the road again and not dependent on others to get around, but the next scan showed some small tumours in his lungs. He then underwent two operations to remove these tumours, sadly another tumour appeared in his neck and he then had to have a course of radiotherapy which caused him a lot of pain. Even so he went down to Bournemouth with the lads on Geoffs stag weekend and had a good time. Hhe also went to Geoff's wedding even though in the middle of treatment, and he went out on the evenings whenever he was well enough. The
doctors then discovered that Paul had a large blood clot in his neck and chest. Paul never moaned, never complained and always had a smile throughout

Paul started to have trouble with his breathing at the beginning of June and had to spend most of the time in bed.

Sadly Paul lost his battle with Cancer on 21st July 2001.

Paul will never be forgotten, and I think we are only just realising what a vast impression he made on so many lives.

Everyone loved Paul